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Sexual Minority & Gender Equity (LGBTQIA+) Training For EveryBODY

I specialize in providing training on all topics related to LGBTQIA+ equity with a strong focus on best practices for working with transgender and gender diverse people. I've trained at large universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and provided educational materials for Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S.

Contact: Heidibreauxconsulting@gmail.com


Tulane University, Doctorate of Social Work, 2021

Harvard University, Certificate - Leaders in Learning, 2021

New York University, Master of Social Work, 2005

Rutgers University, Bachelor of Social Work, 2004

LCSW-R in New York, LCSW-BACS in Louisiana, LCSW Tennessee

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Panelist at Community Healthcare Network’s 7th Annual Transgender Health Conference 2017
“Transgender and Gender Non- Conforming Practice Patient for Medical Providers”,

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 2017
“Ethical Practice with LGBTQIA+ Students in Field”,

Tulane University School of Social Work, approved by the state for CEUs 2018
“Ethical Practice Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Field Education”,

Tulane University School of Social Work Field Instructor’s Workshop, approved by the state for CEUs 2019
“The Next Step: Navigating the Online and Traditional College Search with your Transgender and Gender Expansive Child”, Gender NYC Conference 2019
"Best Practices for Working With Sexual Minority and Gender Diverse (LGBTQIA+) People",

Southeastern Louisiana University School of Social Work, approved by the state for CEUs 2020
"Considerations for Trauma Informed Care with Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth",

Louisiana Child Welfare Training Academy - Trauma Informed Care Conference,

approved by the state for CEUs 2021

"LGBTQIA+ Basics: Sexual Minority & Gender Identity 101",

Southeastern Louisiana University, 2021

Career Alumni Panel, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University, 2021

"How Can Transgender Theory Adapt Cisgender Culture?," Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, TransFormations 2021: Trans Lives in the 21st Centrury Conference NYC, 2021

Poster Presentation, Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), Annual APM Conference, 2021



15+ years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
As a queer and transgender non binary person and parent, I have been a professional advocate within my own community for more than a decade

The LGBT Federal Workgroup, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2007-2013
Associate Director of Adult Services, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Manhattan

(The Center), 2013-2015
Clinical Supervisor, APICHA Community Health Center (formerly the Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV & AIDS), 2015-2016
Social Work Supervisor, New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Bureau of STD Prevention and Control, 2016-2018



Adjunct Professor, New York University Silver Graduate School of Social Work,

teaching Diversity, Racism, Oppression, & Privilege (DROP), Clinical Practice III, & Clinical Practice IV, 2014-2016

Program Coordinator and Professor (full time appointment), Tulane University School of Social Work, 2018-2020

Adjunct Professor, Tulane University School of Social Work, teaching Field Practicum and Seminars 1-6, Professional Foundations, & HBSE II, 2018-Present

Clinical Therapist (full time appointment), Tulane University Center for Sport & Tulane University Center for Brain Health, 2020-Present


Reviewer for the National Association of Social Work Journal on Social Work,

Children and Families Social Work Journal &  

Journal of Evidence Based Social Work 

Research on Social Work Practice

Quoted in "Building an LGBTQ-Affirming Practice", Social Work Today


(Peer reviewed journal) Breaux, H. (2020) Editorial: Crayons and people are not for consumption: A social work discourse on Crayola’s new box. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal.


TedxTulane. Breaux, H. (2021, March 26) Transgender & non binary gender diversity: Going beyond names & pronouns


(Peer reviewed journal) Breaux, H. & Thyer, B. (2021) Transgender theory for contemporary social work practice: A question of values and ethics. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 18(1). [open access - can distribute freely]


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Crowd of People


Heidi's presentation was amazing! It was very informative, helped individuals who were new to LGBTQIA+ topics feel comfortable, and went beyond the usual definitions. Heidi's presentation felt like I witnessed a unicorn. It was useful, comprehensive, and made me think about my own bias and how I can improve in the future.

Rebecca G., Graduate Counseling Student & Human Rights Activist

Heidi’s CEU training was informative, oriented in best practice and incredibly entertaining. Heidi comes from a place of knowledge, kindness and justice. I feel fortunate to learn from Heidi.

Megan M., Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Drag King

Heidi's training was informative, utilized multiple teaching methods, and never made the participants feel ashamed of what they did not know. Questions were answered clearly and follow up was encouraged. I learned a lot, unlearned some, and relearned some. I look forward to attending future trainings and workshops.

Dr. Coleen C., Professor & Advocate

Heidi was well prepared, very knowledgeable, and provided the training in an open and comfortable environment.

Elizabeth B., Registered Nurse



My approach is simple - it's about "Unlearning." It's a non-judgmental and empowering way to teach adult learners. By the end of my presentation not only will you better understand the lives of LGBTQIA+ individuals, their partners, and families, but you will learn how society has shaped your views and how you can continue to "unlearn" on your own. We will discuss the impact of intersectionality and multiple identities. I will even challenge you to "unlearn" some things about the human body. The best way to "unlearn" is through a multi-dimensional approach with culturally relevant topics and unique life experiences.



I've lead 2-hour in-person trainings, all day in-person workshops, panel presentations, online trainings, and developed specialized company trainings to be utilized ongoing via learning management systems

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